Sure Seal Gator Guard is a superior quality epoxy/urethane blended liquid bed-liner for uses such as pick up trucks, buses, vans, delivery vehicles, construction equipment, concrete floors, farm equipment, off the road construction equipment, marine and many other uses. This very rugged product withstands abrasion, gasoline, acids and has a very high tear strength. Has more advantages than rigid plastics, metals, ceramics and does not have any isocyanates such as in polyurethane type products. Very low VOC’s

The tough durable coating that seals and protects! Increase resale value, reduce maintenance and add a detailed look. Drop in liners can warp and trap water and contaminants that lead to bed corrosion. 

Offers a non-skid chip resistant finish. Adheres to firmly adhereing paint or bare metal.

Bedliner Kits can also be used for inner fender and under body protection!

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Gator Guard Bed-liner

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